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5th International Conference on Organic Nonlinear Optics

March 12-16, 2000, Davos, Switzerland


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Here follows the poster session program.
General Information and the invited talks progam are found elsewhere.

Poster Session I, Monday 16:30-19:00

Novel Nonlinear Optical Phenomena and Applications

A 1 Spatial solitons in dye-doped nematic liquid crystals
  G. Abbate, J.F. Henninot, F. Derrien, and M. Warenghem
A 2 Molecular engineering for optical limiting in the visible
  C. Andraud, R. Anémian, A. Collet, J.-F. Nicoud, B. Paci, P. A. Chollet, J.-M. Nunzi,N. Sanz, A. Ibanez, Y. Morel, and P. L. Baldeck
A 3 Nonlinear optical properties of octupoles
  C. Andraud, T. Zabulon, R. Anémian, X. L. Lang, A. Collet, S. Brasselet, I. Ledoux-Rak, and J. Zyss
A 4 Biphenyl derivatives for optical limiting in the visible
  R. Anémian , C. Andraud, A. Collet, B. Paci, J.M. Nunzi, Y. Morel, and P.L. Baldeck,
A 5 Theoretical investigation of the nonlinear circular dichroism in a liquid of chiral molecules
  F. Hache, M.C. Schanne-Klein, and H. Mesnil
A 6 New properties of COANP-polyimide compound: optical limiting effect
  Natalie V. Kamanina, Lev N. Kaporskii, Alex Leyderman, and Alfonso Barrientos
A 7 Optical limiting effect in polymer organic systems
  NatalieV. Kamanina and Lev N. Kaporskii
A 8 In-situ observation of thermochromic behavior in merocyanine J-aggregate monolayer using the multipurpose nonlinear optical microscope
  Noritaka Kato, Kentaro Saito, and Yoshiaki Uesu
A 9 Real-time transmission spectroscopy with ultrashort THz pulses
  P. Kuzel, A. V. Pashkin, and J. Kroupa
A 10 Nonlinear optical phenomena in turbid media of living tissue
  Asatur Lalayan
A 11 Optically controlled reversible structuring of doped polymer thin film waveguides
  S. Lecomte, U. Gubler, M. Jäger, Ch. Bosshard, P. Günter, L. Gobbi, and F. Diederich
A 12 Quantum and semi-classical modeling of NLO properties in organic systems
  Y. Luo, P. Norman, P. Macak, and H. Ågren
A 13 Membrane imaging by simultaneous second-harmonic generation and two-photon microscopy
  L. Moreaux, O. Sandre, M. Blanchard-Desce, and J. Mertz
A 14 Narrow-line laser emission from dendrimer doped polymer waveguides
  Akira Otomo, Shiyoshi Yokoyama, and Shinro Mashiko
A 15 Nonlinear optical properties of push-pull stilbenes based on a strong carbocation acceptor moiety
  B. Paci, C. Schmidt, C. Fiorini, J.M. Nunzi, C. Arbez-Gindre, and C. G. Screttas
A 16 All-optically poled polymer microcavities: enhancement of nonlinear optical effects
  R. Piron, E. Toussaere, D. Josse, S. Brasselet, and J. Zyss
A 17 Characterization of two-photon absorption in symmetric conjugated systems with carbazol end groups
  J. Segal, Z. Kotler, M. Sigalov, A. Ben-Asuly, and V. Khodorkovsky

Photorefractive Effects

B 1 Mechanism of the reversible photoinduced switching of impurity molecules in doped molecular crystals
  I.V. Brovchenko
B 2 High speed PVK-based photorefractive polymer composites
  M. A. Díaz-García, D. Wright, J. D. Casperson, B. Smith, E. Glazer, W. E. Moerner, L. I. Sukhomlinova, and R. J. Twieg
B 3 Modelization and experimental characterization of angular redistribution in optical ordering processes in dye containing polymers
  Michel Dumont
B 4 Photorefractive effects in DAST and other organic crystals
  S. Follonier, A. Schneider, Ch. Bosshard, I. Biaggio, and P. Günter
B 5 Formation of an anti-guide structure in a photorefractive polymer by a pump-light beam
  Takashi Fujihara, Kazutoshi Ozawa, Takafumi Sassa, Shinsuke Umegaki, Masaaki Yokoyama, Tatsuo Wada, and Hiroyuki Sasabe
B 6 LC SLM based on fullerene doped polyimide
  Natalie V. Kamanina and Natalie A. Vasilenko
B 7 Application of the phase-modulated beam technique for Bacteriorhodopsin Langmuir-Blodgett thin films characterization
  A. Kir'yanov, Yu. Barmenkov, A. N. Starodumov, N. Kozhevnikov, and H. Lemmetyinen
B 8 Influence of rheological properties on photorefractive polymer electrooptic response
  L. Mager, J.-C. Ribierre, A. Fort, S. Méry, and J.-F. Nicoud,
B 9 Optical image correlators based on nematic liquid crystals
  A. Miniewicz, P. Sikorski, A. Januszko, S. Bartkiewicz, J. Parka, and F. Kajzar
B 10 Influence of the chromophore ionization potential on the magnitude of photorefractive effects in PVK-based polymer composites
  David Van Steenwinckel, Eric Hendrickx, Andre Persoons, Kurt Van Den Broeck, and Celest Samyn
B 11 Photorefractive effects in nematic liquid crystals under rigid boundary conditions
  G. Zhang, D. Haertle, G. Montemezzani, and P. Günter
B 12 Surface mediated photorefractive mechanisms in liquid crystals<
  J. Zhang, V. Ostroverkhov, K.D. Singer, V. Reshetnyak, and Yu. Reznikov
B 13 Theory for self-enhancement of second-harmonic generation in a photorefractive polymer based on formation of an anti-guide structure
  Takafumi Sassa, Takashi Fujihara, Kazutoshi Ozawa, Shinsuke Umegaki, Masaaki Yokoyama, Tatsuo Wada, and Hiroyuki Sasabe

Poled Polymers for SHG and Electro-optic Devices

C 1 3D-c(2)-analysis of high field poled polymers
  R. Blum, K. Pfeifer, G. Schoer, and M. Eich
C 2 Polymer based electro-optic inline fiber modulator with 1 GHz bandwidth
  M. Bösch, M. Jäger, Ch. Bosshard, and P. Günter
C 3 Wavelength and environment dependence of photodegradation processes in highly nonlinear bithiophene chromophores
  M. Bösch, I. Liakatas, C. Cai, Ch. Bosshard, and P. Günter
C 4 Towards stable hybrid materials for electro-optic modulation and photorefractive applications
  F. Chaput, K. Lahlil, J.-P. Boilot, M. Mladenova, L. Ventelon, M. Blanchard-Desce, B. Darracq, J. Reyes, and Y. Levy
C 5 Polarization-insensitive polymer amplitude modulator
  A. Donval, E. Toussaere, R. Hierle, and J. Zyss
C 6 Doped planar and channel sol-gel waveguides for nonlinear devices operating at telecommunications wavelengths
  Anne-Claire Le Duff, Michael Canva, Yves Lévy, Alain Brun, Frédéric Chaput, Jean-Pierre Boilot, Tomas Pliska, and George I. Stegeman
C 7 Second harmonic generation in photo-bleached PU1-C4B film channel waveguides
  Suguru Horinouchi, Kwang-Sup Lee, Je-Hyun Lee, Primoz Kerkoc, Junichi Yoshida, and Keisuke Sasaki
C 8 New SCLCPs based on 3,3'-bipyridine chromophores for applications in NLO
  N. Lemaître, A.-J. Attias, I. Ledoux, and J. Zyss
C 9 Photobleaching mechanism studies in side-chain polyimides
  I. Liakatas, M. Jäger, Ch. Bosshard, P. Günter, and T. Kaino
C 10 Measurement of relative electrical resistivities for optimized poling of nonlinear optical polymeric waveguides
  Tomas Pliska, Vincent Ricci, Joachim Meier, Arne Eckau, Anne-Claire Le Duff, Michael Canva, George I. Stegeman, Paul Raymond, François Kajzar, and Kwok Pong Chan
C 11 Second-harmonic generation at telecommunication wavelengths in polymeric waveguides
  Tomas Pliska, Wook-Rae Cho, Vincent Ricci, Joachim Meier, Anne-Claire Le Duff, Michael Canva, George I. Stegeman, Paul Raymond, and François Kajzar
C 12 Relaxation behavior of the second-order nonlinear response of spin-coated polyphosphazenes films
  G. Rojo, G. Martín, F. Agulló-López, G. A. Carriedo, F. J. García-Alonso,
and J. I. Fidalgo
C 13 Synthesis and nonlinear optical properties of high glass transition polyimides and poly(maleimide-styrene)s
  Celest Samyn, Kurt Van den Broeck, Thierry Verbiest, and André Persoons
C 14 Second harmonic generation in molecular-doped poly(ethylene oxide)/ atactic-poly(methyl methacrylate) blends
  A.V. Vannikov, A.D. Grishina, L.Ya. Pereshivko, and T.V. Krivenko
C 15 Organized organic multilayer structures for frequency doubling and electro-optics
  V. Zauls, S. Schrader, B. Dietzel, B. Schultz, C. Flueraru, H. Motschmann, and G. Decher

Poster Session II, Tuesday 16:30-19:00

Nonlinear Optical Organic Crystals

D 1 Realising the SHG response in DCNP through anomalous atomic thermal motion and hydrogen-bonding
  J. M. Cole, C. C. Wilson, and J. A. K. Howard
D 2 Preparing polydiacetylene single crystal thin films
  A. Feldner, T. Fehn, T. Vogtmann, and M. Schwoerer
D 3 Linear optical properties of p-toluene sulfonate PTS
  Lars Friedrich, Tomás Pliska, Mingguo Liu, George I. Stegeman, Seung-Han Park, Andreas Feldner, Thomas Vogtmann, and Markus Schwoerer
D 4 Molecular recognition concept in the growth of organic nonlinear optical crystals
  Hyung-ki Hong, Jaewoo Park, and Choon Sup Yoon
D 5 SHG-active p-nitroaniline thin films grown by dip-coating
  Hiroyuki Kobayashi, Hiroyuki Okuyama, and Masahiro Kotani
D 6 DAST thin film growth: seven exploratory methods
  S. Manetta, M. Ehrensperger, Ch. Bosshard, X.-M. Zhang, and P. Günter
D 7 Observations of 180° polar domains in molecular crystals using phase-sensitive second harmonic microscopy
  P. Rechsteiner and J. Hulliger
D 8 Organic nanocrystals in sol-gel glasses: a new type of nonlinear organic material
  I. Wang, P. L. Baldeck, N. Sanz, and A. Ibanez

Fundamental Studies

E 1 Anharmonisity effects in spectra of alcohols
  N.A. Atamas, A.M. Yaremko, L. A. Bulavin, V. E. Pogorelev, S. Berski, Zd. Latajka, H. Ratajczak, and J. Leszczynski
E 2 Photosensitive media on the base of bacteriorhodopsin
  I. K. Bandrovska, Z. I. Batori-Tartzi, A. A. Grabar, O. I. Korposh, N. P. Frolova, and J. P. Sharkany
E 3 Investigation of the third-order optical susceptibility of chromophores through electrooptic spectroscopy
  Brian K. Canfield, Robert J. Kruhlak, and Mark G. Kuzyk
E 4 Second-harmonic generation in chiral smectic liquid crystals
  M. Copic, I. Drevensek Olenik, and M. Zgonik
E 5 Modelling and characterisation of nonlinear materials for optical limiting. Mononuclear and binuclear platinum ethynyls
  Anders Eriksson, Cesar Lopes, Mikael Lindgren, Soren Svensson, Tim McKay, and Julianne Davy
E 6 Electronic defects and conjugation length in a mesoscopic p system
  Luca Del Freo, Anna Painelli, Alberto Girlando, and Z.G.Soos
E 7 Improved photogeneration efficiency of C60 sensitized arylamines
  E. Hendrickx, B. Kippelen, S. R. Marder, A. Persoons,
and N. Peyghambarian
E 8 Control of the first hyperpolarizability of functionalized mesostructures through cation binding
  Stephan Houbrechts, Tatsuo Wada, Hiroyuki Sasabe, and Yuji Kubo
E 9 Ellipsometric polarization contour measurement for anisotropy in organic materials
  Minsoo Joo, Dong-Ho Shin, and Nakjoong Kim
E 10 Determining the nature of excited states using an inhomogeneous-broadening analysis of third-order processes
  Robert J. Kruhlak, and Mark G. Kuzyk
E 11 Application of the optical and positron spectroscopy to the study of structural transformations in milk fat and it simple purified fractions
  V. Y. Kudryavtsev, S. M. Yablochkov, S. P. Likhtorovich, M. M. Nishchenko, T. A. Rashevskaya, and I. S. Gulyi
E 12 Strong field poling of multipolar structures: fundamentals and device applications
  Isabelle Ledoux, Irène Cazenobe, Sophie Brasselet, Eric Toussaere, and Joseph Zyss
E 13 Second-order nonlinear optical response at the two-photon resonance in a two dimensional NLO molecule
  G. Meshulam, G.Berkovic, Z. Kotler, A. Ben-Asuly, R. Mazor, L. Shapiro, and V. Khodorkovsky
E 14 Enhanced two-photon absorption in phenyl and fluorene oligomers
  Y. Morel, O. Stephan, P.L. Baldeck, and C. Andraud
E 15 Response theory calculations of optical limiting processes
  P. Norman, Y. Luo, P. Cronstrand, P. Macak, and H. Ågren
E 16 Theoretical study on the third-order nonlinear optical properties of thiophene derivatives
  Koji Ohta, Ryo Shikata, Kenji Kiyohara, Keiko Tawa, and Kenji Kamada
E 17 Polarization recording and reconstruction in a photoinduced anisotropic medium
  Yoshiko Okada-Shudo
E 18 Optical properties of composite materials
  Anatoliy O. Pinchuk
E 19 Femtosecond spectroscopy of polymethine dyes in liquid and polymeric media
  Olga V. Przhonska, Mikhail V. Bondar, Yurij L. Slominskyà, Raluca Negres, JinHong Lim, David J. Hagan, and Eric W. Van Stryland
E 20 Microscopic and macroscopic third-order nonlinear optical properties of organobimetallic compounds
  Gema Rojo, José A. Campo, José V. Heras, Mercedes Cano, and Fernando Agulló-López
E 21 Quantum chemical ab initio search for novel molecular technologies
  A. Tamulis, J. Tamuliene, M. L. Balevicius, J.-M. Nunzi, R. Abdreimova, M. Peruzzini, and A. Graja
E 22 Understanding non-linearity: a toy model for push-pull chromophores
  Francesca Terenziani, Luca Del Freo, and Anna Painelli
E 23 Establishing the optical parameters of thin films in the case of bacteriorhodopsin molecules
  Radu Todoran, Daniela Todoran, and J. Sharkany
E 24 Second harmonic spectroscopy and SHG microscopic observation of J-aggregate domains in merocyanine at air-water interface
  Y. Uesu, N. Kato, and K. Saito
E 25 Longitudinal and transverse dynamics of soliton excitations on a multileg ladder lattice
  Oleksiy O. Vakhnenko
E 26 Orientation and non linear optical properties of DAN crystals on PTFE substrates
  R. Vallée, P. Damman , M. Dosière, E. Toussaere, and J. Zyss
E 27 Holographic time of flight for the sub-nanosecond investigation of charge transport
  Marc Wintermantel, Ivan Biaggio, and P. Günter
E 28 Influence of conjugation length on first hyperpolarizability of fluorescent hemicyanine (DAST) derivatives
  Kurt Wostyn, Geels Olbrechts, Koen Clays, André Persoons, Akira Watanabe, Kyoki Nogi, Xuan-Ming Duan, Shuji Okada, Hidetoshi Oikawa, H. Nakanishi, Henryk Vogel, David Beljonne, and Jean-Luc Brédas

Ultrafast Nonlinear Optics In Organics

F 1 Influence of the molecular orientation on the stimulated emission and gain dynamics of Phenylene Vinylene oligomers
  T. Barisien, T.-A. Pham, L. Guidoni, M. Albrecht, and J.-Y. Bigot
F 2 Femtosecond Z-scan measurement of the third order nonlinear optical coefficient of CuPc thin films
  H.J. Chang, S.H. Han, and J.W. Wu
F 3 Measurement of relations between molecular structure and two-photon absorption spectra in fluorene dye compounds
  David J. Hagan, Kevin D. Belfield, Katherine J. Schafer, Raluca Negres, Wael Mourad, and Eric W. Van Stryland
F 4 Influence of molecular orientation and arrangement to
two-dimensionality of metallophthalocyanines
  Takashi Isoshima, Tatsuo Wada, and Hiroyuki Sasabe
F 5 Optical and nonlinear optical properties of low-dimensional aggregates of the amphyphilic cyanine dyes
  R.V. Markov, P.A. Chubakov, A.I. Plekhanov, Z.M. Ivanova, N.A. Orlova,
T.N. Gerasimova, V.V.Shelkovnikov, and J. Knoester
F 6 Picosecond optical limiting action through a thin MMA-octupole copolymer layer near the total reflection state
  R. Mountasser, H. Maillotte , M. Ayadi, and F. Chérioux
F 7 Resonant nonlinearities in an organic material: irradiance dependence
  R. Rangel-Rojo, H. Matsuda, H. Kasai, and H. Nakanishi
F 8 Studies of third-order nonlinearity, nonlinear absorption, and excited state dynamics in tetra tolyl porphyrins using degenerate four-wave mixing and Z-scan
  S. Venugopal Rao, N.K.M. Naga Srinivas, Reji Philip, G. Ravindra Kumar, L. Giribabu, Bhaskar G. Maiya, and D. Narayana Rao
F 9 Nonlinear optical properties of model polyenes studied with femtosecond Z-scan at 800 nm
  Anna Samoc, Marek Samoc, Barry Luther-Davies, Chantal Andraud, Thierry Brotin, and André Collet
F 10 Thin films of a novel polydiacetylene for applications to all-optical signal processing
  S. Sottini, G. Margheri, E. Giorgetti, F. Gelli, A. Cravino, D. Comoretto,
C. Cuniberti, C. Dell'Erba, I. Moggio, and G. Dellepiane

Poster Session III, Wednesday 16:30-19:00

Fibers and Waveguides

G 1 Drift correction in organic intensity modulators
  P. Labbé, A. Clouqueur, R. Hierle, E. Toussaere, and J. Zyss
G 2 Gaussian profile Bragg gratings in polydiacetylene waveguides: characterization and application in integrated optics
  G. Marowsky and M. A. Bader
G 3 Compression of self-trapping pulses in Kerr-type planar waveguides
  Monika E. Pietrzyk
G 4 Functionalized polymers for photonic applications
  Claire Pitois, Anders Hult, Dorothea Wiesmann, Åsa Claesson, and Mikael Lindgren
G 5 Four layer polymeric mode polarization filter for integrated optics
  G.K. Singh, V.K. Sharma, A. Kapoor, and K.N. Tripathi
G 6 Three dimensional optical fiber simulation
  D. M. Sullivan
G 7 Channel waveguide fabrication of the organic nonlinear optical crystal DAST by using oxygen RIE
  K. Takayama, M. Yoshida, H. -H. Deng, K. Komatsu, and T. Kaino

Novel Molecular Designs and Synthesis

H 1 New disubstituted organic compounds with enhanced non-resonant nonlinear refraction in the picosecond range
  André-Jean Attias, Frédéric Chérioux, and Hervé Maillotte
H 2 Tuning of the mesogenic, electronic, and optical properties of new conjugated 3,3'-bipyridine derivatives
  A.-J. Attias, B. Bloch, C. Cavalli
H 3 Synthesis of a new nonlinear optical chromophore based on a novel N-aryl carbazole derivative
  Amos Ben-Asuly, Lev Shapiro, Arkady Ellern, and Vladimir Khodorkovsky
H 4 Molecular engineering of push-pull chromophores for nonlinear optics
  M. Blanchard-Desce, V. Alain, S. Rédoglia, M. Barzoukas, R. Wortmann, S. Lebus, K. Lukaszuk, P. Günter, C. Bosshard, and U. Gubler
H 5 Tetra(4-methoxyphenyl)phosphonium iodide : a new NLO crystal built-up with tetrahedral-like octupolar chromophores
  Cyril Bourgogne, Patrick Masson, Jean-François Nicoud, Yvette Le Fur, Patrick Juen, and René Masse
H 6 Nonlinear optical thin films based on strong head-to-tail hydrogen bonding grown by Oblique Incidence Organic Molecular Beam Epitaxy
  C. Cai, M. Kiy, A. Tapponnier, R. Ono, I. Biaggio, and P. Günter
H 7 New octupolar star-shaped molecules with non-resonant quadratic optical nonlinearities
  Frédéric Chérioux, Pierre Audebert, Sophie Brasselet, and Joseph Zyss
H 8 Synthesis and characterisation of an octupolar polymer and new molecular octupoles with off-resonant refractive index
  Frédéric Chérioux, Hervé Maillotte, Joseph Zyss, and Pierre Audebert
H 9 Structure-property relations in nonlinear optical molecular wires and planar sheets
  U. Gubler, Ch. Bosshard, R. Martin, R. Tykwinski, F. Diederich, and P. Günter
H 10 Second-order nonlinear optical and photorefractive properties of amorphous calix[4]arene containing carbazole derivatives
  Atsushi Gunji, Hiromi Kimura-Suda, Takafumi Sassa, Tatsuo Wada, and Hiroyuki Sasabe
H 11 Linear and nonlinear optical properties of hypervalent iodine derivatives
  K. Kamada, K. Ohta, R. R. Tykwinski, and D. Bykowski
H 12 Nonlinear optical properties of the Langmuir-Blodgett films of an intermolecular charge transfer complex
  J. Kawamata, T. Akutagawa, T. Hasegawa, K. Inoue, and T. Nakamura
H 13 Structural analyses of clay-metal complex hybrid films by observing optical second harmonic generation
  Jun Kawamata, Kuon Inoue, Yuichirou Ogata, and Akihiko Yamagishi
H 14 Dithienothiophene-based organic molecules with large two-photon absorption cross sections
  Kwang-Sup Lee, Jong Hyoup Lee, Oh-Kil Kim, Han Young Woo, and Kie-Soo Kim
H 15 Molecular design and syntheses of new pyrazine chromophores for 3rd order NLO materials and their - interactions in the solid state
  Masaru Matsuoka
H 16 New photoisomerizable organometallic chromophores as precursors of optically poled materials
  Olivier Maury, Hubert Le Bozec, Isabelle Ledoux, Michel Dumont, and Joseph Zyss
H 17 Synthesis and characterization of a series of NLO chromophores based on 1,3-indandione derivatives
  Royi Mazor, Lev Shapiro, Arkady Ellern, Vladimir Khodorkovsky, Zvi Kotler, Garry Berkovic, and Guilia Meshulam
H 18 Nonlinear optical properties of cyanines and oligoenes: influence of bond-length alternation, substituents, chain length
  D. Scherer, A. Feldner, M. Welscher, T. Vogtmann, M. Schwoerer, T. Laue, U. Lawrentz, H.-H. Johannes, and W.Grahn
H 19 MO calculations of dyes for the solid state absorption spectra
  Hisayoshi Shiozaki, Yoshiaki Sakurai, Satoru Nakao, and Masaki Kimoto
H 20 Novel aminopyrazine fluorescent dyes for NLO materials; their solid state spectra and crystal structures
  Kazuko Shirai and Masaru Matsuoka
H 21 Novel carbazole derivatives for two-photon absorption applications
  Mark Sigalov, Amos Ben-Asuly, Lev Shapiro, and Vladimir Khodorkovsky
H 22 Multifunctional TCNQ adducts
  Marek Szablewski, Mosurkal Ravi, Nancy-Ann Hackman, Graham H Cross, and David Bloor
H 23 Organic / inorganic quantum confinement structures based on lead halide perovskites
  Yuko Tabuchi, Keisuke Asai, Masahiro Rikukawa, Kohei Sanui,
and Kenkichi Ishigure
H 24 Novel organic-inorganic quantum confinement structure (VII) Structural characterization and optical properties for low dimensional compounds with PbX6 octahedra
  Kenjiro Teshima, Satoshi Kano, Mitsuyasu Kawahara, Masahiro Rikukawa, and Kohei Sanui
H 25 Novel organic-inorganic quantum confinement structure (VIII) Structural characterization for self-organized compounds with quaterary ammonium salt
  Kenjiro Teshima, Satoshi Kano, Masahiro Rikukawa, and Kohei Sanui
H 26 New quadrupolar fluorophores with high two-photon excited fluorescence
  L. Ventelon, L. Moreaux, J. Mertz, and M. Blanchard-Desce
H 27 Intermolecular coupling enhancement of the molecular hyperpolarizability in multichromophoric dipolar dendrimers
  Shiyoshi Yokoyama, Tatsuo Nakahama, Akira Otomo, and Shinro Mashiko
H 28 Octuplar engineering for nonlinear optics
  J. Zyss and I. Ledoux

Organic Light Emitting Materials

I 1 Surface and bulk phenomena in conjugated polymer devices
  F. Cacialli, J.S. Kim , T.M. Brown, J. Morgado1, M. Granström, R.H. Friend, G. Gigli, R.Cingolani, L. Favaretto, G. Barbarella, R. Daik, and W.J. Feast
I 2 Performance of organic light emitting devices based 8-hydroxyquinolato boron emitters
  Marie D'Iorio, Yeh Tao, Suning Wang, Qing-guo Wu,
and James Lavigne
I 3 Hetero-layer light-emitting devices based on quinoxaline films
  P. Imperia, S. Schrader, M.B. Casu, M. Jandke, and P. Strohriegl
I 4 Ultra high vacuum reveals interface-dependent charge-injection properties of organic light emitting diodes, and the effects of exposure to impurity gases
  M. Kiy, I. Gamboni, I. Biaggio, and P. Günter
I 5 Blue Organic Light-Emitting Diode Based on Dipyrvole3
  Weiling Guo, E.H. Li Chi-Ming Che Yi zhao and S.Y.Liu
I 6 Organic DFB-lasers with mode emission tuneability by dynamic and permanent photoinduced gratings
  G. Kranzelbinder, E. Toussaere, R. Mathevet, D. Josse, and J. Zyss
I 7 Influence of hole transport materials on the properties of organic LED
  Zugang Liu, Jorge Soares, and Estela Pereira
I 8 Probing space charge distributions in polymer LEDs by means of an electro-optic technique
  F. Michelotti, S. Bussi, M. Bertolotti, and Z. Bao
I 9 Impedance spectroscopy of Alq3 based- organic light emitting diodes measured in ultra high vacuum and air
  Rudi Ono, Paolo Lusio, Michael Kiy, Axelle Tapponnier, Iris Gamboni, Ivan Biaggio, and Peter Günter
I 10 A comparative study of photoluminescence spectra of chromophores and semiconducting polymer films
  J. Shin, H. Choi, J. Ro, H. Kim, J. Noh, S. Lee, H. Suh, C. Ha, K. Lee, and M. Cha
I 11 Amplification of raman scattering in an oriented poly(p-phenylenevinylene) film
  Seungwoo Shin, Jeongmi Shin, Hongki Kim, Jung Hoon Ro, Heayoung Choi, Kwanghee Lee, and Myoungsik Cha
I 12 Blue-green light-emitting electrochemical cells based on a copolymer derived from fluorene
  O. Stèphan, V. Collomb, and J.-C. Vial
I 13 Luminescent and electronic properties of end-substituted oligo(phenylen vinylene)s
  Y. Tao, M. D'Iorio, A. Donat-Bouillud, J. Lam, M.S. Wong, and Z.H. Li
I 14 Investigation of photocurrent in organic films for light emitting diodes
  A. Tapponnier, I. Biaggio, and P. Günter

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